Refer a friend,(i.e. a co-worker, a family member, etc) to Fast Money USA and you can receive money back! The more people you refer, the more money you will receive! It's actually quite simple and fun! Better get started before your friends do!

How to Particpate in the Refer A Friend Program*

1. An existing customer (Referer) must have a current loan with Fast Money USA!
2. When your friend (Referral) fills out the online application, make sure that they fill out the "Customer Referral Program" section on the last page of the application and enter your (Referrer) email address associated with your existing loan. Shout out a "Yahoo!"
3. Once your friend is approved, both the Referer and Referral will receive a $29.99 credit toward their loan. Go ahead and HIT THE EASY BUTTON!

*Restrictions may apply. Referring customer email must be presented at time of loan application in order to be elgible. Offer is subject to chage and terminate at any time.