YOU: What is an Fast Money USA Consumer Installment loan?
US: A Fast Money USA installment loan is a personal loan starting at $750. Do you want more than $750? Well show us that you can pay back the $750 and we can help you again. Better get cracking!

YOU: What are the requirements for approval?
US: Below are the mandatory qualifications required for a loan:

    • Must have sufficient and steady income over $500 a week.
    • Must have a valid bank checking account
    • Must have a valid email address
    • Must have a valid cell phone number
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must be a resident of the state in which Fast Money USA is licensed with a valid drivers license

YOU: Do I need to mail/fax any documents?
US: The entire approval process is paperless. However, if for some reason the information that you provide on your application cannot be verified, we may request that you provide supporting documentation via fax. We will contact you either by email or phone if this should be necessary.

YOU: What are the Payments and Fees associated with the Installment Loans?
US: Please visit our Disclosures page to learn more.

YOU: What if I have really bad/poor credit?
US: We got your back! Unlike many other lenders and financial institutions, we do not require that you have excellent credit or any credit history. If you have any questions about qualifying please Contact Us.

YOU: What's the fastest someone can receive money?
US: We approve all loan applications in a matter of minutes. Upon approval, you will receive an email with the loan docs requesting an electronic signature. Depending on what time you sign your loan documents, the funds are normally credited to your bank account the following business day. Please check your banks policy on fund availability.

YOU: When will I hear from you?
US: We do a great job communicating with you as often as needed. In fact, it's our job to keep the communication line open. You will receive updates via email regularly and throughout the entire loan process letting you know that your application has been received, the loan has been approved and when the loan proceeds have been sent. You will always have the ability to Log In to your account and Check Status and/or View Account. If all else fails, visit the Contact Us Page!

YOU: How do I receive the loan proceeds?
US: As soon as you Electronically sign the loan documents for an Installment Loan, you also authorize us to directly deposit the Pre-Approved loan amount into your bank account.

YOU: How do I repay the Installment Loan?
US: We simplified the process and made it really easy! We withdraw all payments directly from your bank account (the same account that we sent the money to). This saves time and money and allows up to keep costs down (which helps our customers). Basically we keep the process super easy! Please feel free to contact us regarding any other payment questions: contact@fastmoneyusa.com.

YOU: How do I know the amount you withdraw from my account is the correct?
US: Since we are authorized to use the Federal Reserve Wire System, we must abide by the NACHA rules and regulations that regulate our use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The amount we withdraw from your account will be the amount that you have authorized in your loan agreement.

YOU: What does APR mean, why is this important?
US: APR stands for annual percentage rate and it is the amount of interest on your total loan.

YOU: Is the information that I provide secure and confidential?
US: It's 2017, we process everything on our secure SSL server, utilizing the industry's highest standards. Please read more about our Privacy Policy.

YOU: Is there a pre-payment penalty to pay off my Installment Loan early?
US: No. However, if you pay off your loan early anytime, thus not staying in the loan for full term, you could be subject to an acquisition fee as regulated by the State of the loan you are applying for. We recommend reviewing the loan disclosures upon your loan approval. You can read more about this on our Disclosures page.

YOU: Do you provide Installment Loans to military personnel?
US: Unfortunately, we do not have a loan product available for active or other military personnel or their dependents at this time.

YOU: After I pay off my Installment Loan, may I receive a new Installment Loan?
US: Yes. Providing we are able to verify that the final payment on your loan was received and paid successfully.

YOU: How long does it take to receive an approval or denial notice?
US: You will receive a loan decision once we have verified the application and any additional information that is required. Whenever possible, loan applications will be processed the same day and you should receive a response from us within one business day. If you have not heard from us, please sign in to Check My Status or email us at contact@fastmoneyusa.com.

YOU: How do I get copies of my loan documents?
US: Using your email address, user name and password, you can sign in to My Account to review and and/or print your loan documents.

YOU: How do I sign my loan documents?
US: You will receive an e-mail notifying you if your loan has been approved. You can use your email address, user name and password to sign in to My Account to review your loan agreement and indicate your acceptance by clicking the approval button that will appear on your screen. Clicking the approval button on your screen is your electronic signature that legally binds you to the loan agreement. You must sign the agreement by 6:00 pm CST to receive your funds the next business day. If you are unable to sign your agreement, please email us at contact@fastmoneyusa.com.

YOU: How do I create a user name and password?
US: Your user name and password are items that you will establish when completing the application form. Your user name will be the email address you provide when you apply for your loan with fastmoneyusa.com You can then use the user name and password when you visit our site to view loan documents, and to sign the loan agreement. If you wish to get another loan in the future, you can sign back in to My Account using the same username and password in order to check your loan status and speed up the loan application process.

YOU: What do I do if I am a returning customer and I have lost my password?
US: Just click the “forgot password” link and enter your username (the email address that was used at the time of the application) and we will e-mail you a link that will direct you to renew your password.

YOU: What if I was told my loan documents or any e-mail correspondences were sent to my email address but I have not received them? 
US: Please be aware that some email providers have spam features that cause our email to be received in the Spam or Junk e-mail folders. Check these folders if you do not see our e-mail in your Inbox. It is also possible that the transmission of an email can be delayed, so please allow 30 minutes for receipt. If you still have not received the documents/correspondences, please email us at contact@fastmoneyusa.com.

YOU: How do I update my email address?
US: You may notify us of changes to your email address by signing in to your account and making the change or email us 
at contact@fastmoneyusa.com. We will verify the change to both your old and new email addresses.